Treatment and Recovery

Though USAPA is primarily focused on prevention, we know that treatment works and recovery is possible.  Early detection and intervention through screening for substance misuse in general health care settings is known to reduce misuse and the progression to an alcohol use disorder. We also know that medication can be effective in treating alcohol use disorders, but is often underused. Therapeutic treatment options vary but may include outpatient services, intensive outpatient/partial hospitalization services, residential/inpatient services, and medically managed intensive outpatient services. The level of treatment needed depends on the severity of the use disorder.

Additionally, there are a number of evidence-based recovery models that help people maintain their sobriety.


The U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance (USAPA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization translating alcohol policy research into public health practice. The Alliance is committed to ensuring that local and statewide organizations engaging in alcohol policy initiatives have access to the science, resources and technical assistance, including support for organizing efforts, required to engage in informed decisions and actions in translating alcohol policy research into public health practice.

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