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Project Coordinator

The U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance (the Alliance) is looking for a part-time Project Coordinator to help our organization achieve its mission. This person will support the Alliance’s training and technical assistance activities to help support converting alcohol policy research into practice. The Project Coordinator will be responsible for managing all training and TA requests, maintaining the Alliance online resource hub, organizing a set of virtual interactive dialogues, coordinating a research roundtable, and helping the Center for Advancing Alcohol Science to Practice (“the Center”) with regular logistical and organizational support.  


The tasks require the ability to convene and coordinate groups from across the country, through strong written and oral communication across multiple time zones. Because of the nature of our work, comfortability with and management of all forms of technology (e.g., Zoom, Constant Contact, Wix, Slack, Teams, MailChimp, and phone conversations) is a must. The successful candidate will have attention to detail and be accurate, timely, flexible, and reliable. The Project Coordinator will often serve as the face of the Alliance. The role requires building and maintaining meaningful relationships with community partners and identifying opportunities to transform systems by harnessing collective power. This person must be free from all conflict of relationships with any alcohol, tobacco, cannabis, or opioid industries.


The position is partially supported through a Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) grant and collaborative relationship with the Center. Internally, this position works with both the Center and the Alliance to fulfill grant objectives. Externally, this position is expected to work at the local, state, and national levels to help advance policy change, evidence-based prevention strategies, and structural reform that reduces excessive alcohol use and protects the public from alcohol-related harms.

To apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to Your cover letter should share your commitment to this issue, your direct experience, and what you will add to our team.

To apply: Please send a cover letter and resume to Your cover letter should share your commitment to this issue, your direct experience, and what you will add to our team.

Essential Duties

  • Schedules, participates in, documents and follows up on meetings.

  • Manages all training and technical assistance requests, including the coordination of trainers and facilitation of planning meetings.

  • Helps create and maintain online resource hub, manages website content, and responds to resource requests from the Alliance’s membership. 

  • Plans and coordinates a set of the Alliance’s virtual interactive dialogues on alcohol policy topics to members and stakeholders. 

  • Coordinates the activities of a research roundtable, including inviting and coordinating a meeting of alcohol policy researchers and practitioners, assisting with material development in advance of the meeting, and managing technological coordination at the meeting.

  • Maintains effective and professional working relationships with members, staff, and partners to assist in developing short and long-term goals of respective projects.

  • Creates and maintains social media presence and maintains website.  

  • Promotes program and organizational sustainability.

  • Participates in training opportunities; stays current in public health alcohol policy issues to establish and maintain credibility across various disciplinary professions.

  • Demonstrates leadership in broad outreach to diverse communities; develops and nurtures stakeholder partnerships to enhance the capacity of the Alliance and its members to provide resources to a broad and diverse base of stakeholders. 

Qualification Requirements

  • A Bachelor’s degree in public health, public policy, political science, communications or a related field or equivalent work experience

  • Minimum of three years’ experience in community organizing/working with coalitions, public health programming and/or advocacy, community-based programs, policy analysis/implementation, or grants management

  • Experience producing high-quality analysis of research, policies and regulations as well as lay-person education resources in multiple formats

  • Demonstrated oral and written communication and interpersonal skills

  • Proven track record in grant coordination, meeting grant requirements, and completing grant reports

  • Excellent computer skills, database management

  • Experience using social media, websites, and online newsletter platforms

  • Experience and comfortability speaking publicly, on the phone, and facilitating groups of people

  • Demonstrated ability to function well under pressure and use/maintain discretion, integrity, fair mindedness, and professionalism with a variety of personality types and philosophies

  • Demonstrated ability to interact and respond effectively with people of diverse cultures and backgrounds

  • Ability to work and complete assignments independently and as team member

  • Strong familiarity with public health alcohol policy, partnership building and grant management

  • Demonstrated ability to simultaneously manage multiple, complex projects in varying stages of development and bringing them to scale under time constraints

Things to Consider

  • The contractor reports to the Board Chair with responsibilities split between the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance and Center for Advancing Alcohol Science to Practice

  • Involves collaboration across time zones

  • The pay is $18-$25 per hour, commensurate with experience

  • A typical week of work is estimated at 20 hours per week, with the potential for additional hours as grant funds allow

  • Position is open until filled

About the U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance

The Alliance was formed in 2015 by a group of passionate volunteers who wanted to ensure there was a voice for public health in the alcohol policy arena.

Our Mission is translating alcohol policy research into public health practice to prevent and reduce alcohol-related harm and our Vision is a nation free from alcohol-related disease, injury and death.

 Our Guiding Principles include:

  • Embracing a public health approach.

  • Relying on the best scientific evidence.

  • Maintaining independence from commercial interests including alcohol industry influence.

  • We believe diversity and inclusion are key drivers of creativity and innovation.


We welcome candidates who share our beliefs to apply for any role within our organization.

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