There are a number of policy-level strategies that have a strong evidence-base of effectiveness that should be considered when addressing alcohol misuse and related harms. This page describes the most researched strategies and provides resources for you to learn more.

  • Regulation of Alcohol Outlet Density

    Licensing or zoning laws allows states and communities to regulate the number of alcohol outlets

  • Increasing Alcohol Taxes

    Research shows that as the price of alcohol increases, consumption and related harms decrease

  • Maintaining Limits on Days/Hours of Sale

    The longer alcohol establishments are open, the higher the rates of alcohol consumption

  • Enforcement on Sales to Minors

    Enforcing laws that keep minors from buying and consuming alcohol is a critical component 

  • Control States and the 3-Tier System

    This system helps limit the power of large alcohol companies


  • Dram Shop


    Passing and enforcing dram shop liability laws reduced alcohol-related harms

  • Treatment and Recovery

    We know that treatment works and recovery is possible


The U.S. Alcohol Policy Alliance (USAPA) is a nonprofit, nonpartisan organization translating alcohol policy research into public health practice. The Alliance is committed to ensuring that local and statewide organizations engaging in alcohol policy initiatives have access to the science, resources and technical assistance, including support for organizing efforts, required to engage in informed decisions and actions in translating alcohol policy research into public health practice.

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